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Can I use less than the recommended amount of beans?

If you use less than the recommended amount of beans then the roaster will not get up to temperature.  Causing the machine to act like it isn't producing enough heat.  Having the recommended amount of beans will help raise the temperature in the roast chamber.  Using less than the recommended amount will allow the heat to escape the roast chamber without roasting the beans. 

I am not getting to 2nd crack or the beans are taking too long to roast?

The Fresh Roast Coffee Roasters use 1600 watts of electricity.  If there is less than 120V at the outlet, then you will see the roaster struggle to achieve a roast.  The use of extension cords are not recommended. 

The beans are roasting unevenly.

Doing what we call a, "DRYING PHASE", will help the beans have a more uniform roast.  Starting the roasters on a low heat and high fan for the first 2 min will help dry the beans and make them lighter and easier for the machine to move them during the roast. 

How do I store my freshly roasted beans?

We suggest allowing the beans to cool to room temperature before putting them in a non air tight container.  This would allow the beans to degas for 6-12 hours.  After 6-12 hours you can store in an airtight container. We have seen many users start to store their beans in mason jars.  It will stay fresh for 7 days if stored properly. 

How can I exhaust the smoke from roasting?

We suggest roasting near an open window to help get the smoke out of the room.  Most kitchens will have a range hood that can exhaust the smoke outside.  

How often do I need to clean the roaster?

Clearing the chaff from the chaff collector after each roast is required.  Wiping the glass roasting chamber after each roast is suggested.  We like to use  warm water and paper towel after the chamber has cooled for several hours.  The exterior of the base unit can be cleaned with a glass cleaner and microfiber towel. 


The top cap and chaff basket don't fit?

If you ordered and new top cap and find that it doesn't fit your old chaff basket.  Because of the heating and cooling of the roaster the parts will start to shape to each other.  We suggest buying a new top and chaff basket together if they are older than 2 years old.  You can assemble the machine with all parts then run the base for 4-6 min (without beans) and then take a hot mitt and carefully press the 2 pieces together.  If there was a small gap in the beginning.  *The chaff basket and top lid will be hot!