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Getting Your Roaster Repaired


When to send in your roaster for repair

If your roaster doesn't perform like it did when it was new, doesn't roast the beans to the darkness you prefer.  Or, there is another concern.  Then we would be more than happy to repair your machine. 

What do you need to send?

Please fill out the repair form below.  We need just the base unit well packaged to prevent any further damage.  We do not need the glass chamber or top assembly. (Unless authorized).   

How Long does it take?

Our typical turn around time is 1-2 days, before it is being sent back to your return address.

How do I pay?

We ask for $30 to have your machine repaired.  A check to Home Roasting Supplies LLC or we can arrange a Paypal invoice to be sent to your email address for the service.  

What will be done in the repair?

We will clean the exterior and interior of the machine to get rid of any debris.  We have found chaff, hair, and lint inside the machines.  Then, a test to see what parts are defective.  After replacing defective parts, we will tune and test the machine 3-5 times, to verify the output temperatures, function of the controls and fan speed.

Where do I send the base unit?

Please use our Utah warehouse address. 

If using UPS or FEDEX:

Home Roasting Supplies          


450 East Canyon Rd

Henefer, UT, 84033

If using Mail USPS:

Home Roasting Supplies


PO Box 417

Henefer, UT, 84033

Repair Form

Please print and fill out the form.  Place form in the box with the roaster base.