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MANUFACTURERS of Home Coffee Roasters

Roasting Tips


  • Make sure the supply voltage is 120V before you start roasting.
  • The machine should not be assembled then moved.  You run the risk of the top assembly falling off and damaging the pieces.
  • Never leave the machine unattended.
  • Coffee will loose weight during the roast process, so green beans are heavy and starting with a high fan will help move the beans for a more consistent roast. 
  • If there is too much smoke, hit the RUN/COOL button immediately. 
  • Brush the chaff out of the chaff collector with a small brush or use a shop vac to keep it clean and clear of chaff.  
  • Smaller batches take longer to roast than the recommended amount of beans. 
  • Lowering the fan speed will raise the temperature in the chamber, increasing the fan speed in the chamber will lower the roasting temperatures.
  • Doing roast back to back is not recommended and will shorten the life of the machine and components. 
  • Coffee beans will continue to roast even after the process has stopped.  Try to stop the roast a shade lighter than you would like.